Taman Organic
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Nazorjeva ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana
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Kristjan Solar

I want to bring Vegan cuisine closer to all people and tastes. I strive to surprise my clients with interesting combinations of flavors and try to change my every dish into a surprise for the taste buds.


Gregor Mehić

I am Taman tallest waiter, literally. I finished catering school in Celje and after gathering professional experiences in Slovenian hotels I chose a smaller-size professional environment to better serve my customers.

Head of the restaurant

Gorazd Halič

I am the leader of the team. Hotelier, professional mentor and today the head of the restaurant. As a sommelier, I believe that there is always a wine to go with a dish. Just the right wine, "taman".

Member of the team and an important supplier

Saša Oshish

I was born after the birth of my children. In the last 13 years I've been perfecting my household skills and taking care of the children. In all the daily bustle with my five children I have learned to live peacefully, lovingly and above all calmly. I am very strict in the following: the afternoons I spend with and for my children, and because the way to a person's heart is through the stomach I only cook biological foods, only bus unprocessed food and take great care of its preparation. I bake bread daily and make raw bread and sweats.